Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I do not believe that she was questioned aggressively enough.

"I really hope that you will refrain from impugning my integrity." Condi Rice.

Integrity, what integrity? And there was also some ridiculous talk of "competence"

I wanted to see this line of questioning:

Senator with Balls (hence, SB): So I see you are coming before us to gain our consent to be the Secretary of State? And that you were the National Security Advisor for the previous roughly 4 years?

Condi Rice (hence CR): Yes senator SB, that is correct.

SB: Well, if this was a simple old job interview I would want to know about how you did on your previous job, about the competence you demonstrated in that capacity.

CR: All of the media say I am very competent.

SB: Indeed, but you wouldn't mind if I asked a few little questions would you?

CR: Of course not SB, I relish the opportunity to dazzle the media with my intellect.

SB: Well, then let's talk about your previous job. I see you were National Security Advisor, what were the duties of your job?

CR: I was the most senior official in the government charged with advising the president on how to protect all aspects of the nations security.

SB: Wow, impressive. So that might answer something I have been wondering about for a few years.

CR: What is that SB?

SB: Well, may I use the corporate idiom in the discussion, we are both familiar with that world, you having been at Chevron and such?

CR: As you wish SB, and what is your question, in the cocrporate idiom of course (CR - raised eybrow, cut to major media fawn).

SB: I have been wondering who in the hell was executive vice-president in charge of making sure crazy Saudis and Egyptians don't steal commercial airliners and crash them into big buildings filled with thousands of innocent people. How's that aspect of the job working out for you?

CR: Sir, I am hardly responsable for that!

SB: Really, so you weren't the most senior advisor to the president on national security matters? You just said you were. Do you actually report to someone else?

CR: Well, no sir, but..

SB: Then are you saying it is the presidents fault, not yours? Because it god damn well is someones fault.

CR: Senator...

SB: Bah, competence indeed. Do you want to use your discovery and neutralization of Iraq WMDs to compensate for your failure to protect the country? If so we can have some fun with that one too.

CR: Sir, my competence is not in question.

SB: That might be the only thing we agree on. Well, let me move on to your integrity.

CR: Yes SB, also highly esteemed by the media.

SB: No doubt. You spoke very eloquently of your youth and your empathy for the poor.

CR: Thank you SB.

SB: And so, I naturally wondered, what in the hell you were doing supporting an administration that has been elected based on the systematic disenfranchisement of those poor and minority voters you describe?

CR: Sir, that is terribly unfair.

SB: What, that you support the administration or that you spoke eloquently of your empathy for the poor?

CR: Senator, you know what I mean. I would have hoped that we could have had this discussion without your resorting to facts!

SB: Now, that you mention it perhaps you might prefer dealing with rumor and innuendo. Stuff like the WMD reports.

CR: Sir, they are the palette of my reality molding. Let's have at them (some media members pass out from delight and admiration).

SB: Well then, don't you feel just a weeee bit funny supporting an administration that got elected by demonizing gays and well, for lack of a better word, lesbians.

CR: Senator, I never.....

SB: That isn't what I have heard.


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